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New Hampshire Insurance Blog

Renters Insurance: Why Every Renter Should Have It

At Gateway Property & Casualty in Dover, NH, we understand the importance of obtaining renters insurance to protect your belongings from damage or loss in unfortunate situations such as a fire, burglary, or other covered perils.

Renters insurance also protects you from liability if someone is injured at your rental residence, saving you thousands in medical expenses.

Many consumers mistakenly think that a landlord’s insurance policy will cover their belongings after an incident. However, a landlord’s insurance policy typically only covers the building’s structure, not the renter’s contents.

Here are more reasons why every renter should have renters insurance:

It’s Affordable coverage.

In the U.S., the cost of renters insurance coverage is often equivalent to one trip for two to McDonald’s. This is a minimal cost compared to replacing a household’s furniture and appliances out of pocket after a loss.

Renter’s policies are not one-size-fits-all. The cost varies depending on your location and the amount of coverage you deem necessary to protect your belongings.

Peace of mind if starting over.

After a covered loss, like a fire, for instance, replacing smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, mattresses, sectionals, chairs, gaming systems, washers, dryers, and the thousands of dollars of clothes hanging in your closet can be extremely costly.

Additional living expenses.

Most renters insurance policies provide additional living expense coverage if your rental apartment or home is unhabitable while it is being repaired. This means you can receive money for expenses beyond your everyday monthly living expenses if you find yourself temporarily without a home. For instance, if you pay $800 a month for rent but can’t live in your apartment while it’s being repaired, your renter’s insurance covers additional living expenses like hotel and meal costs.

Don’t go another day without coverage.

Unfortunate events can occur suddenly, so don’t risk another day without protecting your belongings and finances. Call Gateway Property & Casualty in Dover, NH today at (603) 294-1902.

Situations When You Might Need Umbrella Insurance

Situations arise that could cause your liability to exceed the amounts offered by your standard insurance policies. Some of these incidents may be anticipated in advance and may cause you to acquire “umbrella” coverage that provides additional liability coverage. At Gateway Property & Casualty in Dover, NH, we help our clients get the coverage they need to protect them from unexpected hazards and financial losses.

What Is Umbrella Insurance Coverage?

Umbrella insurance is an insurance product that provides additional coverage for circumstances that cause financial liability above your standard policy limits. You may feel that your current limits are too low and leave you vulnerable to financial loss if a lawsuit occurs due to an accident or event.

Typical Situations When Umbrella Coverage May Be Needed

An occasion may arise when you are involved in a serious auto or boating accident that causes liability exceeding your usual policy limits. Umbrella coverage can help to defray these costs. If your dog bites someone, it is usually covered by your home insurance policy, but medical expenses and pain and suffering amounts may cause more liability than your policy covers. You might accidentally injure someone, causing an expensive liability. Your child may accidentally cause extensive damage to someone’s property that exceeds your coverage limits. Embracing insurance may also cover situations such as false arrest, wrongful eviction, invasion of privacy, and malicious prosecution.

Make Gateway Property & Casualty Your Agent For Umbrella Insurance

We offer many insurance products for our clients, including home, condo, auto, motorcycle, pets, life, and business. Contact Gateway Property & Casualty today for a no-obligation quote on umbrella coverage for your needs.

What Condo Insurance Does Cover (And Does Not)

Owning a condominium gives you a little more freedom than renting an apartment. However, it also comes with more responsibilities. 

Find out what your condo insurance will and will not cover to protect yourself from excess financial loss. 

Keep in mind that all policies are different. Gateway Property & Casualty, serving Dover, NH, will explain your options when you meet with us. Here’s an overview of what is and is not covered in most condo insurance policies. 

What Is (or Can Be) Covered

Often, a condo insurance policy includes losses resulting from fires, smoke damage, or theft. It might also provide compensation for vandalism, water damage (not floods), or windstorms. 

Some condo insurance policies may cover appliances, clothing, furniture, and other belongings. However, you must make sure you provide evidence of owning these items. 

Condo insurance policies also could provide you with protection against personal liability. In addition, you could end up with compensation for loss of use or fixture repair. 

Your local agent can discuss the rest of the options when consulting you about your condo insurance needs. Now, we will move on to what is not covered. 

What is Not Covered

You may need extra coverage against the costs of damage caused by animals. These include birds, rats, or insects. None of this is typically covered under a standard condo insurance plan. 

Sewage backup or injuries to another person, especially if intentional, may not be paid for under your policy either. 

Precious gems and metals, such as what jewelry is made of, usually are not covered. As far as water damage, that refers to water dripping. It doesn’t mean your condo insurance will cover water damage from a flood. 

Contact us to acquire all the insurance you need for your condo. Gateway Property & Casualty, serving Dover, NH, will assist you with standalone or bundle policies. 

Lesser Known Commercial Insurance Coverages

While most business owners are familiar with common commercial insurance policies like property and liability insurance, there may be other more specialized coverages that your business could benefit from. Here are a few lesser-known commercial insurance protections that could be important for your business.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Warding Against Workplace Claims

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) offers protection against covered claims by employees alleging issues such as discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, and other employment-related matters. Even the most well-intentioned businesses can face these kinds of allegations in today’s increasingly litigious society. Therefore, at Gateway Property & Casualty, we often recommend that most businesses in Dover, NH with employees consider EPLI.

Crime Coverage: Shielding from Theft and Fraud

Typically, crime coverage protects businesses from losses due to theft, fraud, forgery, or burglary committed by employees or third parties. Regular coverages often exclude employee theft. Since the risk of financial crime is a reality that can affect any business, crime coverage ensures that companies can recover from covered losses stemming from such incidents.

Cyber Liability Insurance: Safeguard in the Digital Sphere

As businesses increasingly move their operations to digital platforms, the threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches rises. Cyber liability insurance generally covers the costs stemming from data breaches, including notification expenses, credit monitoring services, and legal fees.

Selecting the Right Commercial Insurance Coverages for Your Business

At Gateway Property & Casualty, we understand that navigating through commercial insurance coverages can seem complex. But we’re here to help. If you own or run a business in Dover, NH, contact our agents today to find the commercial insurance right for your specific business needs.

Dealing with the Aftermath of Auto Accidents

Few events can change the trajectory of our day or life quite like an auto accident can. One minute, you are on your way to the park for a Saturday afternoon get-together with friends, and the next, you are trying to figure out what happened as you struggle to hear your own thoughts over that ringing in your ears. That is the bad news. The good news is, at Gateway Property & Casualty, we can help Dover, NH drivers be better prepared for events like these and the aftermath that follows.

Getting Help After the Accident

With auto accidents come the potential for injuries, the inevitable damages and repair expenses, and the possibility of being without a vehicle. These issues are problematic enough. The real pain, however, is that these concerns will linger long after the smoke and dust have cleared.

With the proper planning and insurance protection, you can get help dealing with these concerns. Does your auto insurance cover the cost of car rentals while your car is being repaired? Will your insurance help with repairs, property damage, and medical bills? At Gateway Property & Casualty, we can help.

For All Your Auto Insurance Needs

The bottom line is, does your auto insurance offer the help you need to deal with the aftermath of an auto accident? At Gateway Property & Casualty, we are in the business of helping drivers from in and around Dover, NH, with all their auto insurance needs. Including help during and after the accident.

If you would like to learn more about how the right auto insurance plan can protect you and help you be better prepared to deal with the aftermath of an auto accident, contact us today.

Essential Home Insurance Tips for New Hampshire Homeowners

When it comes time for Dover, NH homeowners to protect their investment, they will turn to the good folks at Gateway Property & Casualty. There is no shortage of tips and pointers for homeowners to remain aware of when they are in the process of securing an insurance policy. Thanks to the following guide, avoiding the most common pitfalls has never been easier. 

Consider Potential Repairs

No two homes are exactly alike, and there is no reason to purchase a policy that is based on what other people have experienced. A New Hampshire homeowner will need to take their home into account, especially any potential repairs that may need to take place. What are the local concerns that you need to be aware of? How might they affect a potential repair project? These are questions that must be answered.

Don’t Make Assumptions

You may be an informed homeowner, but that does not mean that you will be able to make all of the necessary insurance policy decisions. That’s why it is important to schedule a consultation with the professionals. Otherwise, you could end up purchasing a policy that does not provide the proper amount of coverage.

Take a Personal Inventory

If you are unwilling to take the time to take a personal inventory before obtaining a homeowners’ insurance policy, you are placing yourself in an unenviable position. Before speaking with professional insurance agents, you need to know what items need the most protection. Whether you are looking to protect artwork, electronics, clothes, jewelry, furniture or any other personal property, you need to have a list on hand once it comes time to establish a policy.

We Are Here To Help

If you would like to learn more about the most essential home insurance tips for Dover, NH homeowners, contact Gateway Property & Casualty as soon as possible. Our team of professionals is always on hand and ready to assist you.

3 Benefits to Purchasing Temporary Life Insurance in New Hampshire

Temporary life insurance is one of the most cost-effective policy options for people seeking life insurance.  These plans typically last between 10 and 30 years.  If you live in New Hampshire and are thinking of buying term life insurance, this could be beneficial for you in various ways.  We at Gateway Property & Casualty serving Dover, NH could help you make informed decisions in finding the right policy for you and your needs.

Term Life Policies are Simple and Cost-Effective

Unlike whole-life policies, temporary policies tend to be less expensive.  Residents in New Hampshire tend to choose this policy because of its simplicity and cost-effectiveness.  These plans also are fixed throughout the policy.  Term life policies are good if you’re just seeking something for a set amount of years and don’t need something permanent.  It makes it easier for families on tight budgets to afford life insurance.

You Can Always Convert it to Permanent Life Insurance

There is also an option to convert term life insurance to a permanent one.  This normally happens if a person decides they need to have a permanent option.  They may start the first several years using term life insurance.  But when their circumstance starts to change, their medical condition, for example, they can opt to convert their plan to a whole life plan.

Provides More Flexibility

Term life policies are great for when you need them at specific times in your life.  It provides that flexibility you need that you don’t get in a whole life policy. For example, when you decide you need to start a plan for the next 10 years of your life, you can easily start one right away with a temporary life policy.

Contact Our Office for More Information

If you need more information about your temporary life insurance options, we’re always here to help.  Contact our Dover, NH area insurance professionals at Gateway Property & Casualty to schedule an appointment today.        

What is Speciality Insurance and Who Needs It?

Ever wondered about that extra layer of protection for life’s unique surprises? Meet specialty insurance. At Gateway Property & Casualty, serving greater Dover, NH, we’re here to demystify specialty insurance and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Unraveling the Mystery: What is Specialty Insurance?

So, what exactly is specialty insurance? It’s a customized safety net designed for specific situations or assets that may not be adequately protected by standard policies. Whether you have a prized art collection, a classic car, or engage in unique activities, specialty insurance steps in to provide tailored protection.

Who Needs It? Exploring the Niche

Now, let’s delve into who might benefit from specialty insurance. If you own valuable items like jewelry, antiques, or rare collectibles, a specialty policy ensures they’re safeguarded. Classic car enthusiasts can enjoy the open road with the assurance that their vintage beauty is protected. Even if you’re into niche hobbies or have a home-based business with specific needs, specialty insurance can be your safeguard.

Your Trusted Partner: Gateway Property & Casualty

At Gateway Property & Casualty, we understand that your life is unique, and your insurance should reflect that. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the world of specialty insurance, ensuring you have the coverage that aligns with your distinctive lifestyle.

If you find yourself with unique assets or engaging in activities that demand a specialized touch, it’s time to explore the world of specialty insurance. Gateway Property & Casualty, your trusted insurance partner in greater Dover, NH, is here to guide you through the process, offering personalized solutions that cater to your distinct needs. Secure your uniqueness with us.

What Are the Benefits of Classic Car Insurance When Compared to Regular Auto Insurance?

Owning a classic car is a cherished hobby for many. However, when it comes to insuring these vintage beauties, classic car insurance offers distinct advantages compared to regular auto insurance. Here at Gateway Property & Casualty, providing auto and classic car insurance in Dover, NH, we want to help you learn more about the differences between these two types of insurance. 

Agreed Value Coverage

Classic car insurance shines with its agreed-value coverage. Unlike standard auto insurance, which pays out based on your vehicle’s depreciated actual cash value, classic car insurance allows you to establish an agreed-upon value with your insurer. This agreed value accounts for the uniqueness and any modifications to your classic car. In the unfortunate event of a covered loss, you’ll be reimbursed according to this pre-determined value, preserving your investment.

Lower Premiums

A significant draw of classic car insurance is the lower premiums it offers. Classic cars are typically driven less frequently and are often stored securely, reducing the risk of accidents or theft. Classic car insurance policies often come with mileage restrictions, which further mitigate risks and contribute to lower costs for policyholders.

Specialized Repair and Restoration Coverage

Classic car insurance often includes specialized repair and restoration coverage. This means that in case of damage, your classic car can be entrusted to a repair shop with expertise in working on vintage vehicles. This specialized attention ensures that your beloved car is restored to its original, pristine condition, preserving its historical and investment value.

Schedule A Consultation Today

There are many differences between regular auto insurance and classic car insurance. If you’re looking for a new policy in the greater Dover, NH area, call Gateway Property & Casualty to obtain an estimate today. 

How to Choose Recreational Insurance Policies

Insurance is an essential tool to help protect your recreational vehicle investments. If you have any qualifying recreational vehicle, you want the assistance of insurance professionals to help you choose the right policy for your specific needs. You can trust the professionals at Gateway Property & Casualty to provide the residents of Dover, NH, with quality insurance products. 

Recreational Insurance Protection 

Knowing which type of policy to purchase is integral if you own a recreational vehicle. That’s why you should work with our knowledgeable insurance agents. We can provide insight into the policy options available and match you with coverage that protects against risk and loss. First, we take the time to understand your situation and determine which type of vehicle you want to protect. 

We then match you with possible insurance options while also educating you about the terms and conditions of the policy. Once you decide, we will collect and submit your details to help you acquire coverage immediately. We strive to provide you with before, during, and after the policy purchase. It’s part of our commitment to providing exceptional customer service that helps provide security with quality insurance products. 

Find Out More

If you would like to learn more about recreational insurance or any other great insurance products we offer to the residents of Dover, NH, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Feel free to call or stop by the Gateway Property & Casualty office to speak with one of our friendly agents. Get the peace of mind that only insurance can provide to those who own recreational vehicles. We look forward to working with you. 

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