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What Condo Insurance Does Cover (And Does Not)

Owning a condominium gives you a little more freedom than renting an apartment. However, it also comes with more responsibilities. 

Find out what your condo insurance will and will not cover to protect yourself from excess financial loss. 

Keep in mind that all policies are different. Gateway Property & Casualty, serving Dover, NH, will explain your options when you meet with us. Here’s an overview of what is and is not covered in most condo insurance policies. 

What Is (or Can Be) Covered

Often, a condo insurance policy includes losses resulting from fires, smoke damage, or theft. It might also provide compensation for vandalism, water damage (not floods), or windstorms. 

Some condo insurance policies may cover appliances, clothing, furniture, and other belongings. However, you must make sure you provide evidence of owning these items. 

Condo insurance policies also could provide you with protection against personal liability. In addition, you could end up with compensation for loss of use or fixture repair. 

Your local agent can discuss the rest of the options when consulting you about your condo insurance needs. Now, we will move on to what is not covered. 

What is Not Covered

You may need extra coverage against the costs of damage caused by animals. These include birds, rats, or insects. None of this is typically covered under a standard condo insurance plan. 

Sewage backup or injuries to another person, especially if intentional, may not be paid for under your policy either. 

Precious gems and metals, such as what jewelry is made of, usually are not covered. As far as water damage, that refers to water dripping. It doesn’t mean your condo insurance will cover water damage from a flood. 

Contact us to acquire all the insurance you need for your condo. Gateway Property & Casualty, serving Dover, NH, will assist you with standalone or bundle policies. 

How condo insurance differ from home insurance

Breaking into the housing market can be challenging. If you are lucky enough to find a condo that is affordable and meets your needs, you will need to get condo insurance to protect your investment. At Gateway Property & Casualty in the Dover, NH metroplex, we have been providing an exceptional level of customer service since 2017. As independent agents, we offer more choices and work with you to personalize your policies to better meet your needs. 

Condo association master policy

The major difference between condo coverage and home insurance coverage is the fact that the exterior and public areas are insured by the condo association master policy. As a condo owner, you are responsible for the interior of the unit. You don’t have to pay to protect your roof or porch, these are covered by the master policy. Where your coverage begins is important for you to know. It can be "All in" or "Walls in". The policy that you choose needs to cover where the master policy leaves off. 

Property coverage

Whether you are responsible from inside your walls or from the walls in, you need property insurance that will cover your built-ins like the kitchen cabinets, appliances, fixtures in the bathrooms, and lighting. 


Content coverage is the same as home insurance. It covers your furniture, electronics, clothing, and personal items, whether they are in your condo or away from home with you. 


Your liability coverage protects you and your family members in your home or away. The master policy covers the liability for public areas like the parking lot, gym, or pool. 

Loss of use

This coverage is the same as home insurance. If your unit is damaged and you can’t live there, it will pay for a place for you to stay. 

We Are Here To Help

Contact Gateway Property & Casualty when you are ready to discuss your condo insurance needs in Dover, NH. 

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